Research Solutions

We deliver custom insights

Our comprehensive suite of services includes targeted education, retrospective, and prospective—interventional and noninterventional—engagements.

Illumination Health - We deliver custom insights

Time-saving, outcome-enhancing
research services and informatics tools

A complete bevvy of informatics tools, research services and just-in-time
efficiencies to make effective use of the Illumination Health platform.

Data Visualizer

Our Floodlight Visualizer Tool allows you to see exactly what is happening with your project in the real-time. We are able to create dashboards that allow you to track your project activity (enrollments, participants, etc), your cohort attributes (age, sex, ethnicity, disease, drug, etc), or treatment utilization (trajectory of prescriptions, competitive landscape, etc). Best of all it is available when you are ready to view it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cohort Builder

Our proprietary cohort builder allows us to immediately identify physicians, patients, and practices who are appropriate for your study. The algorithms we have built utilize the entirety of our data set (which are mapped using the PCORNET data protocol), allowing us to provide rapid access to trajectory of patients, new starts, inclusion and exclusion criteria, and location. This tool permits us to provide quick validation (probability of success) and also targeted recruitment options.

Targeted Education

Accessing the ideal patient or physician with your content has never been more streamlined. Our proprietary access tools are presented to patients at the point of care (via tablet) and in the infusion suite. Because we know everything about the patient we are able to curate their experience based on their unique suitability for your content. Similarly, our physicians have access to our real time Bridge platform via TEAMS, allowing prompt notification and engagement tracking.

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM)

Our FDA-cleared Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) app, PERx, powered by Arthritis PowerTM, collects data from patients between office visits as part of clinical care, quality improvement, or research. Its architecture is fully customizable, allowing clinicians and researchers to capture the data elements needed at whatever frequency is desired. It is reimbursable by most insurance companies to ensure sustainability and to allow physicians to derive new ancillary practice revenue.

Grow awareness through
Quality data and validation

Illumination Health - Grow awareness through Quality data and validation

Comprehensive research solutions

Real-time, real-world evidence

We provide real world observation of de-identified patients utilizing digital "tags" (such as disease state, severity, demographics, labs) and display them via customized visual dashboards.

Real-time data display with course correction

We are able to deliver organized and integrated data from all of our sources in a normalized way. This allows for comprehensive insights and course correction right at the point of care or site of service.

Proprietary software tools

Illumination Health hosts a suite of software communication systems that are integrated into the physician/patient journey seamlessly towards a defined outcome.

Commercial and scientific knowledge creation

Approved initiatives focus on physician education, awareness, attitudes and adoption. Scientific studies focus on the patient journey and determine efficacy through analysis established and newly available metrics.