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Intelligent Research Solutions

By leveraging our research network of rheumatologists, real-world data collection, and state-of-the art knowledge curation, everything from starting a study to utilizing insights is easy.

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Streamlining research is just one way we elevate it

Illumination Health is the leader in informatics and research for inflammatory disease. Our methods are intimately tied to participating physicians and our single-platform EHR conjoined with an Electronic Data Capture System.

Participant recruitment
Data capture
High-quality analysis
Content creation
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Our team supports all types of medical data research

Blending the capacities of a Clinical Research Organization with a PBRN rheumatology site network, our expertise covers the landscape of skills needed to conduct real-world evidence studies

Clinical trials
Prospective observation
Implementation science
Quality improvement projects
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Lighting your path with 360-degree views of patient journeys

Clinical Care

The backbone of our data is derived from electronic health records (EHRs) from hundreds of rheumatologists.

Patient Reported Outcomes

Our mobile apps provides a platform to deliver whatever data at and in between patient visits.

Electronic Data Capture

To eliminate duplicate entries, our EDC is integrated and pre-populated with patient and provider data from the data warehouse